Carbon Market in Cebu is the Place for Ukay Ukay

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This entry is from the blog minglanillacebu link below.  Last Week of Nov 21, 2009 we visited Carbon Market in downtown Cebu City to purchase some used clothing known as UKAY UKAY. I was amazed with the prices and still useable dress ranging from Blouse, Maong Pants, Shoes, cargo short and more.  Continue reading  here for more information    

Ukay Ukay Thrift stores Buy Used Clothes, Where Can I find in Philippines

Friday, November 13, 2009

Another good business idea Ukay Ukay store

Today, a minimum wage factory worker can proudly rub elbows with the society's "alta sociudad" or the the bank tellers, government workers (like me) or call center agents.

Ukay Ukay. Also know as “Wagwagan.” These are thrift stores selling anything from used clothing to children’s toys. If you’re lucky, you may find an authentic vintage Louis Vuitton Bag for a fraction of the cost on Ebay! Fashion on a budget enjoy the unique ukay-ukay shopping experience, stay chic and fashionable without hurting your budget – get ready to look like a million bucks for less

Thrift Shops – Love ‘Em!

Everyone’s familiar with yard sales, but have you checked out a thrift store lately? There are great bargains to be found and there’s always a new supply of goodies!

 This just goes to show you the value of a great bargain!
Probably the best sellers are children’s clothing items. You can probably find jeans for a dollar or a blouse for half that. Often the items are like new, maybe received as a gift and never worn. You might have to hunt a bit for proper sizes, but that’s half the fun.

A lot of my friend’s heads nodding in approval when I said that looking for the best buys in ukay-ukay is a great adventure.

In a country where the prices of gasoline, flour, oil, diapers, milk and other basic needs are skyrocketing, an average Pinoy is left with only a few pesos in the pocket to buy for basic things for himself like shoes, bags and clothing.

Where can i buy whole sale used clothing in the philippines?

In Cebu at Carbon Market. In Davao at Sta. Ana. And in Cagayan de Oro at Cogon Market.
‘ukay-ukay’ business. davao, the best places to go bargain hunting is in uyanguren (sa tabi-tabi ng china town), claveria, pinay bigsister, bankerohan and sa dona segunda (if you're into the prewashed, selected variety and kung ayaw mong makipagbunuan sa limpak limpak na mga kapwa bargain hunters from all walks of life... aircon na rin xa so hindi ka pagpapawisan... kaso, medyo pricey na nga xa)

Where are the best ukay-ukays in the Philippines?

Ukay-Ukay in Cebu

The term “ukay-ukay” about digging from the piles of discounted clothes and other products up for sale came from the local word of “halukay,” which is the act of digging. Ukay-ukay originated in Baguio City in Luzon and eventually spread to Metro Manila, Cebu and in other parts of the country.
The ukay-ukay started back in the 1980s. Because of the frequency of calamities happening in the Philippines at that time, the religious and humanitarian organization of the Salvation Army used to ship second-hand garments and other goods as humanitarian assistance to the victims of the calamities.
When the goods started to pile up, some business-minded people bought them at a very low cost and sold them to the public. It eventually became popular with bargain conscious Filipinos looking for imported American clothes and other items at rock-bottom prices.
Here in Cebu, the biggest center of the ukay-ukay trade is in the Cebu City downtown area of the stretch of Colon Street and the Carbon District and in Tabunok, Talisay City. Nevertheless, there are also small-scale ukay-ukay centers in different parts of Cebu.
The ukay-ukay items you will see are a mixture of clothes and other items that could be new signature brands, looks like brand new, second-hand, and poor quality with some damages.
When you go ukay-ukay shopping, bear in mind that many of the products may come from the United States but a lot more actually came from other countries and then exported to the U.S. From the blog

The Joys of Ukay Ukay – Leonor Magtolis Briones

Ukay-ukay is fun. Whether one is scrounging for clothes, shoes, bags, household articles or toys, the sense of exhilaration , discovery and satisfaction on finding an item at a ridiculously low price is hard to match. Middle-class households, churches and women’s clubs used to hold “garage sales”, bazaars and “tiangue.” Clientele was limited. read the complete blog here

Ukay Ukay in Baguio City

For that was what SM stood for in Baguio City in the early 1990s -- Segunda
Mano, a Spanish phrase meaning "second hand"), instead of the initials of a popular string of malls in the Philippines: SM, which was originally named Shoe Mart.

But not all the items for sale at our SM was used clothing: there were leather briefcases, and my companion was able to buy a 'Brand New With Tag' imported blouse from Hong Kong.

Then the locals started calling it the Wagwagan, which meant 'to shake' because they would shake the dust off used goods and then, finally, Ukay-ukay -- 'to dig,' because folks would dig into a pile of clothes for that hidden gem of a find!. Continue reading here

Shopping in Baguio City

Baguio City is a bargain hunter's paradise. Prices in the flea markets and souvenir shops are not always fixed so your haggling skills will be put to good use.

Know that Baguio is no tourist trap, though -- the prices and rates are pretty reasonable compared to other top Philippine destinations, and can go lower even!

The Best Places to Shop in Baguio, Philippines
The length of Session Road is the city's premier shopping area, anchored by SM City Baguio Mall on Luneta Hill at the top and the Baguio City Market at the base on Magsaysay Ave., that runs perpedicular to it. Specialty shops and restaurants are found in this city center where everybody goes for all their supplies.

Continue reading at the original blog here

Confessions of an Ukay-ukay Addict

In a country where the prices of gasoline, flour, oil, diapers, milk and other basic needs are skyrocketing, an average Pinoy is left with only a few pesos in the pocket to buy for basic things for himself like shoes, bags and clothing. Amazingly, at the ukay-ukay shop there are also affluent-looking individuals who also sweat their butts out looking for that perfect clothing material, like searching for the Yamashita treasure in a pile of clothes. Continue reading here