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Friday, November 13, 2009

Another good business idea Ukay Ukay store

Today, a minimum wage factory worker can proudly rub elbows with the society's "alta sociudad" or the the bank tellers, government workers (like me) or call center agents.

Ukay Ukay. Also know as “Wagwagan.” These are thrift stores selling anything from used clothing to children’s toys. If you’re lucky, you may find an authentic vintage Louis Vuitton Bag for a fraction of the cost on Ebay! Fashion on a budget enjoy the unique ukay-ukay shopping experience, stay chic and fashionable without hurting your budget – get ready to look like a million bucks for less

Thrift Shops – Love ‘Em!

Everyone’s familiar with yard sales, but have you checked out a thrift store lately? There are great bargains to be found and there’s always a new supply of goodies!

 This just goes to show you the value of a great bargain!
Probably the best sellers are children’s clothing items. You can probably find jeans for a dollar or a blouse for half that. Often the items are like new, maybe received as a gift and never worn. You might have to hunt a bit for proper sizes, but that’s half the fun.

A lot of my friend’s heads nodding in approval when I said that looking for the best buys in ukay-ukay is a great adventure.

In a country where the prices of gasoline, flour, oil, diapers, milk and other basic needs are skyrocketing, an average Pinoy is left with only a few pesos in the pocket to buy for basic things for himself like shoes, bags and clothing.

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Shiene Lopez said...

Before I don't like to go in this place because I don't like to buy a 2nd hand clothes and also I don't like the smell. But now that everything get higher, I must say I love to shop here, in this place I can buy clothes in a lowest price and very affordable. My friends and I call it our own Shopping Mall. This is a nice place for me now and I can say now I love Ukay-Ukay, I am thankful you've shared this with us, keep it up.

July 18, 2012 at 1:20 AM

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