Ukay Ukay in Baguio City

Friday, November 13, 2009

For that was what SM stood for in Baguio City in the early 1990s -- Segunda
Mano, a Spanish phrase meaning "second hand"), instead of the initials of a popular string of malls in the Philippines: SM, which was originally named Shoe Mart.

But not all the items for sale at our SM was used clothing: there were leather briefcases, and my companion was able to buy a 'Brand New With Tag' imported blouse from Hong Kong.

Then the locals started calling it the Wagwagan, which meant 'to shake' because they would shake the dust off used goods and then, finally, Ukay-ukay -- 'to dig,' because folks would dig into a pile of clothes for that hidden gem of a find!. Continue reading here

Shopping in Baguio City

Baguio City is a bargain hunter's paradise. Prices in the flea markets and souvenir shops are not always fixed so your haggling skills will be put to good use.

Know that Baguio is no tourist trap, though -- the prices and rates are pretty reasonable compared to other top Philippine destinations, and can go lower even!

The Best Places to Shop in Baguio, Philippines
The length of Session Road is the city's premier shopping area, anchored by SM City Baguio Mall on Luneta Hill at the top and the Baguio City Market at the base on Magsaysay Ave., that runs perpedicular to it. Specialty shops and restaurants are found in this city center where everybody goes for all their supplies.

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